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I like cosplaying and drawing~
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you remind me of someone I know ! !


 oh! pregnancy test ~ 

sorry goodynight <3

Don’t steal  my art, don’t delete my url / signature plz 


do you ever


-gives self cavities-

hhhhh i cannot even help myself oh m a n…and this is only the morning??? still deciding what to do for the rest of his day

(part one | part two | part three | part four)


part two! as you can see i was very stubborn about squishing everything OTL

(part one | part two | part three | part four)


i didn’t predict how odd he looks without his scarf

(part one | part two | part three | part four)


being tired and trying to draw doesn’t mix too well OTL

puppy clear makes sure to position himself so he can listen to aoba’s heartbeat all night long

(part one | part two | part three | part four)


He got my attention at “pierced dick”

Noiz seduction game is strong


am i hot yaois yet